Rabbit Roger will give new life

Rabbit Roger will give new lifeThe iconic picture of the 80's "Who framed Roger rabbit" may get a sequel or a remake.Director Robert Zemeckis, having played enough with the new technologies came to the conclusion that they went far enough to try again display eared hero."I'll tell you that I have playing in my head now, when we have such opportunities, computer technologies, digitized live actors: I'm starting to think about the "Roger Rabbit" - quoted by "Rosbalt", the words Zemeckis. However, he declined to give any details of the project.Comedy "Who framed Roger rabbit" was released in 1988 and earned in world hire huge amount of 330 million dollars. But it was not the most important thing. "Roger rabbit" was a breakthrough in the film industry. Painting, combining elements of Comedy, fantasy and Noir was one of the first movies where live actors and animated characters have acted together with each other.The possibility of another movie about Roger rabbit was discussed with the 80-ies. The film could be removed Terry Gilliam, and on the role of detective Eddie Valiant consider Robert Redford, Harrison Ford, Sylvester Stallone, Jack Nicholson and ed Harris. Initially it was assumed that the film will be a prequel to the first film. Working titles were the name of "Roger Rabbit-2: Multislot" and "Who discovered Roger rabbit".One of the main advantages of the film and many to this day believe the wife of Roger, Jessica rabbit - redhead seductive beauty. The film received three awards "Oscar". Individual figurines for creating animated characters was awarded to Richard Williams.In his time with the project were related by Disney studios and Steven Spielberg, and in 2007, the producer of the first "Rabbit" Frank Marshall confirmed that plans to shoot a sequel tapes still exist. Nevertheless, over the past 20 years the film has not begun. Source: Roger Rabbit will give new life.

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