Andrew Chernyshov managed to enchant pelage

Andrew Chernyshov managed to enchant pelageOne of the most notorious contestants on the show "Two stars" Andrey Chernyshov proved that he becomes the new sex symbol of Russian cinema.At the presentation of the new video Presnyakov Podolsky and the actor has managed the impossible: to make the session flirting with the singer Pelageya. First, the joke went, that she's only interested in Russian folk art.FlirtingBarely crossed the threshold of the restaurant on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, Andrew immediately appeared in the center of female attention of many guests of the restaurant, but only Pelageya fell hard on the soul. Serial character immediately sat down at the table of the singer, where did not get up until the end of the evening, which would be called the middle of the night- I am pleased with it, " argued his cheerful mood and hours of presence at the table artist actor.Itself Pelageya, apparently, was also not against the attention handsome with high cheekbones and was frankly to him is something put a hand on his shoulder, then drink wine with him.The ownersNot less happy were the heroes of the day Natalya Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov. The latter forced the guests to sing the Russian national anthem.- Stand up and start singing, like an orator in ancient Rome, was broadcast from the stage of the singer.After the speech the actor and his future wife Natasha, guests indulged in a couple of hours of fun that did not end until, until ended with alcohol. Source: Andrew Chernyshov managed to enchant pelage.


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