Angela Merkel stripped for advertising

Angela Merkel stripped for advertisingThe German company - manufacturer of underwear advertises its products using the image of local politicians, including Chancellor Angela Merkel. Now lush neckline Chancellor can see everyone.With colorful posters looks MS Merkel in a lavender bikini instead of the usual formal suits. It was accompanied by foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Chairman of the German Free democratic party, Guido Westerwelle, Bavarian Minister Horst Lorenz Seehofer, leader of the German ex-Communists Gregor Gysi, the Minister for family Affairs Ursula von der Leyen and President of the Green party CEM Г¶zdemir. All politicians stand in his underwear.Of course, this is not photography, but merely a publicity stunt with painted political figures. Underwear manufacturer main goal of your campaign is urging people to buy their products at an affordable price despite the economic crisis, writes the German edition Р’ild .Note that Angela Merkel is of great interest to the public not only as a politician but as an ordinary woman. So, a few years ago naughty pictures of German Chancellor Angela Merkel sparked protests in Germany. The British reporters, The Sun managed to shoot the German Chancellor in one of the Italian hotels during the change of the swimsuit, and from the rear, which the Chancellor did not know. That sense of humour has not caused the Germans delight. A spokesman for the German government explained such shoddy pictures voyeurism British journalists, and said that even the Chancellor has the right to a private life in Italy she was on holiday with her husband Joachim Sauer. Government spokesman reported that Merkel is not going to press charges. In other words, Merkel decided to ignore this pin.A year after publication in the British tabloids Merkel gets on the cover of Polish vliyatelnogo conservative magazine Wprost. On the cover issue of the magazine put a photo montage depicting Merkel with bare Breasts on either side of it are located the twin brothers Lech and Jaroslaw Kaczynski. The article on this subject, the publication accused Germany of "post-colonial reflexes". According to the authors of the journal, even after several years after the end of the war the Germans were not able to contact with the poles as partners. The press service of Merkel officially does not comment on the appearance of the article. Source: Angela Merkel stripped for advertising.


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