The media in Europe laugh at Sarkozy

The media in Europe laugh at SarkozyEuropean media on Friday lashed out at the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy. When reporters learned, as he spoke of their foreign colleagues, in Europe sparked a real scandal.So, the French leader casually noted that U.S. President Barack Obama is "very unusual", and the Spanish Prime Minister and did not possess the mind"."Foolish, ridiculous, fledgling chick", - writes of Sarkozy, British The Guardian. Another English newspaper The Times has dubbed the French President "bitchy little Princess". The Spanish press had taken the initiative, arguing that "Sarkozy fully showed their infinite complexes". According to the Agency France Press, on Wednesday during lunch of the President of France with members of Parliament, as usual, was to begin the discussion of the global financial crisis. However, Sarkozy, who has already managed to earn a reputation as the man who says "head", was set up playfully.So, in his opinion, Barack Obama is not experienced enough. "Yes, Obama's subtle mind and he's very charismatic. However, he is a President for only two months, even the Ministry was never headed. Therefore, its decisions are not always standard and effective." Got a bit of irony and the Italian leader. "The most important thing in democracy is that she is re - elected. Look at Silvio Berlusconi. It's been three times re-elected," said Sarkozy.Speaking of Spanish Prime Minister josГ© Luis rodrГ­guez Zapatero, Sarkozy said, "maybe he's not very smart, but I know a lot of people the brilliant mind who are unable to pass the second round of the presidential elections". While only a month ago the French President warmly shook Zapatero hand. After such a statement, Sarkozy, Prime Minister stood up even eternal enemies of the opposition people's party. "This is unacceptable. Zapatero our Prime Minister, our leader!" - said the people's party. Source: the media in Europe laugh at Sarkozy.


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