Michael Jackson was barren

Michael Jackson was barrenThe American edition Radaronline published a sensational interview with a former lover personal dermatologist of Michael Jackson. Paul Goranson (name of lover) claims that the singer was... barren.Say, Michael himself spoke about it, lamenting that the blame for his father as a child, he once beat him in the groin. Beat father Michael, and after he released his first solo album: for what she achieved record sales. "It was then that the father has put Michael hardest hit in the groin area, calling him "Baba" and "disgrace the family," says Paul.According to Goranson, in the 90 years, Jackson unsuccessfully tried to get posterity, but soon the doctors have pronounced a sentence - infertility. And so Michael asked your dermatologist to become the biological father of his children - Prince, Paris and Blanket. The singer allegedly immediately discussed with my wife Debbie Rowe: their marriage will be a sham, only to make children together. And then they file for divorce. Jackson, according to Goranson originally paid Debbie Rowe is a very large sum. After having children Rowe didn't want to leave Jackson, but he insisted on divorce.Meanwhile, the singer is still in the mortuary cemetery near Los Angeles. They say not to bury will be another two weeks - in case I need a third examination.Next Monday, July 20, in Los Angeles will hold a hearing on the custody of three children of Michael Jackson. As expected, for children the war has already started. The New York Post says that Debbie Rowe sold the custody of the children to the Jackson family for four million dollars (or more precisely, organola promise not to sue for the children). Lawyer Debbie Rowe immediately demanded a retraction, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda" - Ukraine"."Ms. Rowe has no plans to enter into any financial agreements, except that it had entered into with Mr. Michael Jackson a few years ago," said the lawyer.Recall: after the birth of Prince Michael and daughter Paris Michael Debbie Rowe agreed to give the children to Jackson in exchange for eight million and 900 thousand annual surcharges. And in 2001, after allegations of Jackson as a pedophile, Rowe lopped off another four million dollars and a house for 900 thousand.After a lawyer friend of Debbie Rowe, publicized personal correspondence ex-wife of the king of pop, from which it is clear that Debbie did not think to surrender."I don't want to look like a woman who gave her children and just forgot about them", - said in the letter row of 5 July.Meanwhile, the personal dermatologist Michael Jackson Allen Klein can be arrested for something that was written out of pop to the king of prescriptions for narcotic drugs.Already it is no secret that Jackson had used a lot of drugs, buying them are often under false names.Dr. Klein does not deny that sometimes gave Michael the drug demerol, which is a powerful analgesic with many side effects - ed.). But persistent rumors that he allegedly could be the biological father of the children of Jackson, denied in a very strange wording."As far as I know I'm not the father of these children. I can't answer this question any other way," said the doctor. Source: Michael Jackson was barren.


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