Naomi Campbell was frightened cold

Naomi Campbell was frightened coldBillionaire Vladislav Doronin and his girlfriend, supermodel Naomi Campbell chillin whims Moscow weather on the beach.Not so long ago, the "black Panther" stated that she likes to live in Moscow and she would like to start a family of his mansion in the Rublev her lover. But, as it turned out, to the vagaries of the Russian weather model until used. The may frosts, which coincided with the total disconnection of hot water and the cold season of batteries, Naomi is not going to tolerate. So Doronin and his girlfriend went there where it is warm and Sunny.On the eve of the famous couple was spotted at one of the beaches of Ibiza. Billionaire supermodel basking in the sun, forgetting about the Russian cold. Naomi looked absolutely happy and relaxed. After sunbathing couple went to ride on a luxury yacht, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Recently dark-skinned supermodel thanks to the novel with a billionaire Vladislav Doronin began to spend a lot of time in Russia. Close to Campbell noted that, having met Doronin, it became much softer. In numerous interviews Naomi constantly says how happy she is, how she wants to start a family and dreams of children. In this 38-year-old Naomi emphasizes that it is not going to retire and will continue to pursue a career as a model, participating in fashion shows and shooting for magazine covers.Meanwhile, regarding the wedding Doronin and Campbell walks a lot of rumors. According to one version, they are already married. Unusual ring that appeared on the ring finger of the left hand of Naomi before Christmas, provoked rumors about the wedding. In Russia, this marriage is certainly not registered. If that did happen, it was only in Europe, because Vladislav is a Swedish citizen. According to another version, the couple are going to marry this year. Rumor has it that Campbell even ordered a gorgeous wedding dress from his friends - famous fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana and Doronin have selected the ring, which supposedly will be made in Russian style in white and pink gold. Source: Naomi Campbell braved the cold weather.

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