Kirkorov was caught on an intimate correspondence

Kirkorov was caught on an intimate correspondenceThe scandal of the month in the Russian show business. "Your DAY" publishes personal notes from the diary of the king of pop.Scandalous the Internet-correspondence of Philip Kirkorov, who "resigned" from his personal laptop in the nation, can land his former employees behind bars."Your DAY" became known, what exactly was so furious pop king, upon learning that his personal password hacked social network.Girls had access to the office, and personal computer singer. Together in a group, they have committed a burglary, unlawful possession of a database to discredit, blackmail and extortion, - said "TD" Tatiana Akimseu, attorney Philip Kirkorov.MysteryKirkorov has always been something to hide from prying eyes: the brighter the star, the greater its secrets, and the more enterprising enemies. In Moscow arrested two former employees of an artist who was on duty on several occasions at his home: a 32-year-old Nina Yurova and 31-year-old Faith Japoncev. The Tver court on Wednesday agreed with the arguments of the investigation and arrested the girls.The scandal is gaining momentum with each passing hour, can really be overdone. In a statement released e-mail correspondence, about which Philip would like to say: "Not mine!", are flattering, and not statements about the closest friends Kirkorov. At least those whom he calls this way in public.If the message is truly from the pen of the king of pop, the destiny may turn my back on him. On too strong players in show business: the General Director of channel one Konstantin Ernst, singer Nikolai Baskov, producer Yana Rudkovskaya, a former in-law Kristina Orbakaite...ScandalBrave girls today who claim to occupy the cooled throne "pink blouses", these days are under investigation under article 272 of the criminal code for unlawful access to computer information. Both have their own truth.Is not all from the air! She believed him, and he threw it at 7.5 million rubles! with tears in his eyes told me "Your DAY" the mother of one of the alleged criminals Inna p. Yurov. Nina begged to return the money, which was followed by threats from Kirkorov. He threatened to connect all the power to destroy her.While it seems that not Kirkorov "kills" her, and her act - Kirkorov: the intimate correspondence of the singer instantly became the subject of heated discussion, the secular lions from among the friends of Philip. The lions these days like angry beasts from the famous "Striped flight" - so loud Russian show business is not growling for a long time. Source: Kirkorov got on intimate correspondence.


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