In France died a famous furniture designer Pierre Paulin

In France died a famous furniture designer Pierre PaulinIn the South-East of France, in Montpellier, on 82-m to year of life died a famous French designer Pierre Paulin, famous for his chairs and chairs extravagant forms, which enjoyed success with the French presidents,Bright chairs Sticks have become true classics of modern furniture design. They cannot be confused with the works of other artists, and they rightfully take pride of place in the museums of London, Paris, new York and other cities in the world. In the history of design became chair "Mushrooms", created by the master. Until his death he continued to work, taking orders and creating unique furniture.French President Nicolas Sarkozy expressed his condolences to the family on the passing of Pierre Paulin, calling him the man who transformed the design into art. "Pierre Paulin discovered that beauty is everywhere: from the interior of the presidential Palace to the things surrounding the millions of people in their daily lives," reads the telegram from the Elysee Palace.According to relatives of the designer, the logs will be cremated Tuesday in Nimes, in southern France.Pierre Paulin was born in Paris in 1927. Furniture design, he studied in a private school Camondo. In 1953, at the Salon of household goods" was held the first exhibition of furniture by Pierre Paulin. With the first successful exhibition of logs started to get offers from different furniture companies. He worked for Thonet-France", "Artifort" and many others. In 2007, he celebrated 50 years of cooperation with the furniture house "Artifort".Creativity Logs have been heavily influenced by Japanese art, as well as American designers Charles and ray Eames.From 1968 to 1972 Pierre Paulin made by the architect in the reconstruction of one of the galleries of the Louvre. At the same time, in 1971, the designer was invited to design the interior of the Elysee Palace. Especially for the main Palace of France Pierre Paulin has created an unusual furniture streamlined shape, in the dining room ceiling has complied with the huge flower, each petal of which were attached to the light-fibers.Later, the new French President refitted interior of the Elysee Palace in its own way. And in 1984, Wood was asked to create a special collection of furniture for the office of French President Francois Mitterrand.In 2007, the Villa Noailles was opened the exhibition "Pierre Paulin - swordsinger". Next year the exhibition moved to the Museum of design "Grand Hornu Images" (Belgium). In 2008, Paulin was declared designer of the year. Then, in honor of the 80th anniversary of the wizard, in the Paris Gallery of tapestries was opened the exhibition "Pierre Paulin. Design in power".The Maestro himself said about himself and about your business modestly: "the meaning of the word "design" exaggerated by the press and the people, causing many of its leaders accept myself for artists. I never confused with such concepts. I have always understood that even a very well designed car will never be a work of art. All we can do is to make life a little more convenient and easier". Source: France died famous furniture designer Pierre Paulin.

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