Kuchinskii brought to tears Friske

Kuchinskii brought to tears FriskeZhanna Friske - beautiful, desired by many men, woman, popular and sought after singer. She has apartments, cars, fame, money, but there is only love and child.As it turned out, for the singer it is far more important than mere wealth.35-year-old Jeanne still not met the right one, for the sake of which temporarily or permanently will be able to retire and devote himself to his family. She wants to have a baby, but on the horizon will not see a worthy companion.In a recent interview with "MK V Pitere" Otar Kuchinskii spoke about his conversation with Joan: "Joan had lunch the other day. She really wants a child. It's many years old, and I think she is unhappy, " he says. When I began to talk about his seventh heir, she suddenly turned away and wept. I thought I had offended her with something. Asked about that. She said, "the Money is there, two apartments, three cars there, and no children". "Well, she'd have!" "I told her. "From who?..".

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