Russian Director received the prize in the Czech Republic

Russian Director received the prize in the Czech RepublicRussian Director left the 44th international film festival in Karlovy vary Czech with a Crystal globe.The prize is one of the most famous film festivals in Europe was awarded to Andrei Khrzhanovsky, for the painting "room and a Half, or a sentimental journey to the homeland".This story appeared in the "East of West" in which competing picture "one field" - representatives of the countries of Eastern and Central Europe.The winner of the festival was the film of the Belgian-canadian production - "angel of the sea" directed by frГ©dГ©ric Dumont. Played in this film Olivier Gourmet received the "Crystal globe" in the category "Best male role" is true, not alone, but in company with Paul, Giamatti, its part of the rewards earned by playing the movie "Frozen soul". The reward for the female role is entirely left to the actress Paprika Steen from Denmark, who represented the film "Applause".Another picture of the main competition was awarded with a special prize - this award jury noted Iranian film "Twenty" directed Abdolreza Kahani. Best Director announced Andreas Dresen, podkupili judges work with the title "Whisky with vodka".The show in Karlovy vary this year was visited by the stars of the highest rank. So, honorable prizes for outstanding contribution to world cinema went to actor John Malkovich and okosinova in may at the 62nd Cannes film festival actress Isabelle Huppert. Another prize went to the young man from Hollywood "at the light" in Karlovy vary, actor and Director Antonio Banderas. The latest came in the cinematic capital of the Czech Republic not empty-handed - with the picture of our own authorship of "Summer rain".Awarded the Czechs and their, but, unlike the jury of the 31st Moscow international film festival, is very modest - the prize for contribution to world cinema was presented, in addition to Malkovich and Huppert, and Czech animator Jan Svankmajer. Source: Russian Director received the prize in the Czech Republic.

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