Died a famous British writer James Ballard

Died a famous British writer James BallardAfter a long illness at the age of 78 on Sunday died one of the greatest modern writers of great Britain James Ballard.Born in Shanghai to the family of a British diplomat, he received the first known science fiction stories and novels are characterized by the paradoxical perception of reality. This was largely due to the fact that the writer was influenced by surrealism.But the real fame came to Ballard in 1984 after the publication of the novel "Empire of the sun". It is based on your own memories of the author about the content in Japanese captivity during the Second world war - Ballard was interned at the age of 12 and held in the camp for 3 years. In 1987, the famous American Director Steven Spielberg has put on "Empire of the sun" the same film.Despite a severe disease is prostate cancer, James Ballard until his last days working on autobiographical works, ITAR-TASS reported. Source: Dead famous British writer James Ballard.

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