Hollywood stars moonlighting in Striptease

Hollywood stars moonlighting in StripteaseEveryone experiences crisis on its own. Hollywood star, which has no place in more serious projects show business, helping out at the strip.The list of "fallen" stars recently joined the famous "spasatelnitsa Malibu Carmen Electra, whose career has stalled on a television reality show. Showing the world his personal life, Carmen decided not to stop and to show his impressive chest, RBC says.Elegant bust of a Hollywood star now in all its glory can be seen on stage in Las Vegas, once on the Crazy Horse Paris Show. Debut show of the burlesque show happened last week, and Carmen was pleasantly surprised the audience of fans, appearing in the final Topless. Reportedly, during the week Carmen will be performing in the show, dancing almost naked on high heels and in semi-transparent stockings. This will be followed by the premiere of the second show featuring Carmen, called the Chain Gang. The second project turned out no more modest: actress in the role of a girl from "Playboy" will sit locked in a cage, seducing others with their Breasts.It is worth noting that Carmen Electra is not the first celebrity to have agreed on the strip in Las Vegas. Not so long ago in the City of Sin has died down peep show featuring Melanie brown, better known as Mel B. from the group Spice Girls. Hot African-American, realized that herself she can't sing, I moved in the dance. As expected the ex-spice, the show was "sharp" - with lots of Nude scenes and hot body. Source: Hollywood stars moonlighting in Striptease.

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