Kerry Pridgen deprived of the title of Miss California

Kerry Pridgen deprived of the title of Miss CaliforniaKerry Pridgen (Carrie Prejean) is no longer Miss California.Contestant of Miss USA, which represented the state and sadly became famous thanks to the answer to a question from a member of the jury - Perets Hilton, is about same sex marriage, deprived of the crown.A month later, after the owner of the Miss USA pageant, the famous media Mogul Donald trump (Donald Trump) decided that Kerry can continue to wear the crown first California beauty, "K2 Productions", which is the independent producer of the Miss California pageant, came to the conclusion that Pidgin should be demoted. The reason is the repeated violation of the terms of the contract. And in this case it is not in disagreement with the fact that gays and lesbians should have the right to marry."This decision is purely business in nature and is based on the violation of contractual obligations", said Keith Lewis (Keith Lewis), the head of "K2 Productions". His official letter with this statement was quoted by the TV channel "Fox News"."After our press conference in new York [when I first resolved the contentious issues associated with the possible deprivation of Pidgin crown] we had hoped to be able to figure out all the issues and to establish normal working relations. But over time it became clear that Kerry is not going to perform terms of the contract and to cooperate with us.".

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