Half-brother of Barack Obama will release a book of memoirs

Half-brother of Barack Obama will release a book of memoirsYounger half-brother of U.S. President Barack Obama, living in Kenya, I decided to write a book of memoirs about his life. The creation of 27-year-old George Obama will release new York Simon & Schuster in January 2010.George and Barack the same father, the difference in age of the brothers is 20 years, and they didn't grow up together.George is the youngest of the children, Obama Sr., he was born six months before my father died, reports AP. About the George little is known. It is reported that in the book, which bears the working title "homeland" and written in collaboration with journalist Damien Lewis, George will talk about how a teenager he was involved in a crime involving the possession of drugs. Obama Jr. also tells how he encountered the world of poverty, and then began to help the poor.As said Executive Vice President of the publishing house Simon & Schuster David Rosenthal, book by George Obama is a good example of survival, dedication and courage.Financial terms of the transaction for the book were not disclosed, but, according to some, the contract was for six figures.Recall that Barack Obama himself is the author of two books: "Dreams from my father" and "Audacity of hope". In April 2009, Obama received the prestigious literary award, the British Book award for Best biography of the year" for work "Dreams from my father", first published in 1995.The father of Barack Obama left the family when the future US President was two years old. Next time Obama heard about the father only when he was informed about his death. This message was the reason for writing the book. In Kenya currently there are five half-brothers Obama.Political treatise "the Audacity of hope" Barack Obama wrote in 2006. This book has been translated into Russian language. Source: half-brother of Barack Obama will release a book of memoirs.

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