Pugachev earned on your anniversary $5 million

Pugachev earned on your anniversary $5 millionAlla walked widely. The singer celebrated her birthday by a Banquet in the hall, which was visited by about 300 guests.However, splurge on a feast Alla Borisovna was not necessary, writes "KP". As has told her friends the birthday girl, gorgeous feast in the Arena paid a prominent businessman Mikhail Prokhorov. It was his gift to her favorite singer. Although the Pugachev even in a crisis is not poor. According to our data, only an interview to a television channel and two glossy magazines (in addition, Pugacheva has sold the glossy shots at his Banquet) Alla Borisovna has received nearly 2 million "green". Yes and farewell tour will allow Pugacheva to earn some good. For each performance of his tour Alla Borisovna will receive 180 thousand dollars.This fabulous purse in crisis-a time when all tempered their appetite to the minimum. Now all the work on tour to the cashier: how many spectators will come, so much money and get artist. And Pugacheva very favorable conditions - it will pay pre-agreed amount regardless of the revenue from concerts. And there will be decent - 19 appearances (AB tour beginning with Ukraine, then will call to Belarus, then travel to Israel, and then will give a solo album in Riga. There will be concerts in St. Petersburg, Baku and in America). According to conservative estimates, for a farewell tour, the singer earns at least $ 3 million.Since Moscow's solo Pugacheva, according to her, financed her friends, the anniversary of the singer especially not have to spend money. Except for the outfits. For the anniversary of "the woman who sings" ordered fashion designers of Andrei Sharov and Valentin Yudashkin five Balakhonov. However, with all the discounts (after all star is friends with these fashion designer for many years and, according to them, is the co-author of these outfits) new clothes cost the singer is not more than 10 thousand dollars. Besides Yudashkin in birthday gave the singer another black coverall where Alla Borisovna immediately went to the Kremlin to receive from the hands of President Dmitry Medvedev's order.However, recital costumes for the musicians from the group "Recital" the celebrant had to fork out. Could not they go on stage of the Kremlin Palace in jeans and t-shirts! So the singer has spent on branded outfits from Gucci and Prada to their group, according to the ambiance of the stars, about 2 million rubles.Watching on TV farewell concert Divas, many of our readers have suggested that the singer on the eve of the anniversary made another plastic. They say, too fresh and young look Alla Borisovna. The figure and face are clearly not 60-year-old woman.However, as is known, plastic singer still did not. She now can't afford to do that because of health problems (for the last two years, AB has survived two heart surgeries). So she brought herself to a form of strict fruit diet. Alla lost weight in three months by as much as 15 kilos. A fresh face Divas also there are not touched by plastic. Recall, if you believe the rumors, two years ago, the singer put a silicone on the chin, improve face shape.And now, on the eve of the anniversary, as they say in the party, just paid a visit to the beautician, having tried so popular among show-business Botox. Source: Pugachev earned on your anniversary $5 million.

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