Konstantin Meladze is accused of plagiarism

Konstantin Meladze is accused of plagiarismDirector of the Russian participant of "Eurovision-2009" Konstantin Meladze sued for alleged plagiarism of the song with which his ward - Ukrainian girl Nastya Prikhodko will defend our country at the international song competition.Not had time to subside gossip concerning the candidate of the Russian participant of "Eurovision", as around her erupted a new that promises to be no less than a scandal.Until that moment, when Moscow "will cover" the "Eurovision song contest", two months, and the country is already reeling. Everyone who considers himself a man of art, trying to join the musical marathon that though left cheek to bask in the glory. So, a teacher of vocals from Rostov-on-don gave Konstantin Meladze claim as much as six instances, claiming that he stole her song - the same one with which Anastasia Prikhodko will protect honour of Russia in may.SongJadwiga Papkovsky claims that in December filed an application to participate in the contest "Eurovision-2009".- I sent to Moscow disc recording of his composition "grown-up love," says vociferous lady - hoping that the jury will appreciate my work.36-year-old Papkovsky has participated in singing competitions at the regional level, but to take such a height, as "Eurovision", I decided for the first time.- In the beginning music was born, "says the performer," and in a few days and I came up with the text. This song was a revelation to my soul, I have invested so many feelings!To look dignified in front of the jury, not the time the budding singer has removed this video.- My Director and the operator was the mother - continues Papkovsky. - The shooting took place in the school. We are only the fifth double managed to take a great shot. This music video and I was sent to Moscow.Sending your song to the contest, the singer agreed in writing terms. Including a ban on hidden view without her consent. For open national selection a resident of Rostov is not allowed, but the song, says Jadwiga, still sounded. However, not performed by the author...PlagiarismKonstantin Meladze, according to Sapkowski, simply stole her song for his protege Nastia Prikhodko. The woman believes that the results of the selections were intentionally falsified.- When I heard the song in her performance, just dumbfounded! The melody is only slightly different from mine, just changed a rhythmic pattern, " says Jadwiga. - I believe that Meladze just took my original song and then mocked her for his ward.Irina guest house determined to seek justice. She says she will not allow this gross fraud got away with it. Woman claims have already sent to the Prosecutor General, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, FSB, to the Committee on the corruption of the State Duma, the Public chamber and to the government. If she continues to act so aggressively, then perhaps we will see a singing teacher on the stage "Euro", for example unplanned contender from Lithuania to participate in the finals. What the hell? Perhaps Jadwiga will be under the production wing, for example Joseph Prigogine? Or win without outside support - no wonder experts call the "Eurovision" contest of freaks.The teacher of vocals accused brothers Meladze in blatant plagiarism... and flippant attitude to the competition of the European level.Konstantin Meladze refused to comment on the situation, stating that it is just hysteria around the competition. Source: Konstantin Meladze is accused of plagiarism.

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