In Moscow detained robbed into thieves

In Moscow detained robbed into thievesIn Moscow detained the participants of the Georgian-Abkhaz criminal group suspected in a series of major thefts of luxury homes in the heart of the capital. Among the victims of thieves and was a famous actor Vladimir Etush.Apartment people's artist of the USSR Vladimir Etush, which is known to audiences for numerous roles in film and theater, including roles "robbed Shpak" from the movie "Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation", in Granatny pereulok criminals robbed in July 2007. Burglars have broken in and stole 135 thousand and $ 200, and also a large amount of jewelry. However, two weeks later, after numerous publications in the media about the incident of theft, the thieves, apparently, felt ashamed and threw stolen from the artist things on the threshold of his apartment."During operations, the police detained several people suspected of involvement in an organized criminal group, established on ethnic grounds.These persons are suspected of a large number of thefts in the capital of luxury homes, including from the apartment of the actor Vladimir Etush", - quotes RIA Novosti" the words of the head of the press service of the Moscow criminal investigation Department Alexey Bahromeev.According to investigators, ethnic criminal group operated in the Russian capital for a long time. The group is constantly changing depending on the complexity of crimes committed. Currently detainees conducted necessary investigative actions, as well as their involvement in other series of burglaries in Moscow.In this case police add that not all detained members of the group, notes the website of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda". The rest, apparently, are now outside of the capital, after identify they will be announced in the Federal wanted list. According to available information, all detainees are natives of Georgia and Abkhazia. Source: arrested In Moscow robbed into thieves.

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