The estate is haunting Neverland Ghost Jackson

The estate is haunting Neverland Ghost Jackson And already surrounded by mysteries the death of Michael Jackson continues to continue to grow into the mysteries. Once the unrest among the fans began after the display of TV reportage of the deserted estate, Neverland.The movie, filmed with a camera crew from CNN and posted to YouTube, immediately broke records for attendance. In addition to fans, he attracted a lot of fans of the supernatural. The fact is that at some point the deserted corridors of the house crosses a very distinct shadow.Fans of the musician and ufologists immediately came together and said: Michael is alive. And his soul is haunting her home. Support their version is the solution native of Jackson to bury his body, without waiting for the examination to which the deceased were seized by the brain.Interestingly, the members of the crew of no ghosts not seen. But they are ready to believe in his existence, so sure the spectators watching the video. Video. Source: Neverland estate is haunting the Ghost of Jackson (video).

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