The Swedes did not feel ashamed of their musicians

The Swedes did not feel ashamed of their musiciansOn March 14 the Swedish national selection round of Eurovision in non-competitive program was presented to the song known Swedish Comedy group called Grotesco "Tingeling goes Russia".The music room was, according to the authors, a satirical parody of Russia's oversaturated set of hackneyed clichГ©s. The audience was shown the bear, dolls, red stars, cap with earflaps, half-naked girls and drunken generals. And in the lyrics of the Swedish team used phrases such as "goodbye, Putin" and "health, Stalin".Russian Embassy in Sweden immediately responded to the statement by Swedish musicians, having acted with sharp condemnation of the numbers presented. According to a statement by the press Secretary of the Embassy of Anatoly Kargapolov the Embassy staff shocked by this understanding of Russian culture in the Swedish community. "What is crazy and what are their stereotypes about our country? Their Russophobia should be treated in a psychiatric hospital, and not to withdraw to the stage of the concert hall!" - Swedish media quoted the statement of a Russian diplomat.The Swedish audience was delighted with the performances of the group Grotesco - currently the song "Tingeling goes Russia leads in the number of downloads from the Internet. However, fearing that the unfolding scandal is not marred by the events of the Eurovision song contest, organisers of the qualifying round hastened to hush up the incident. "It is a pity that the Russians do not like the room. We apologize. They took a song wrong, so do not understand how a prisoner in her humor," said the Swedish television producer and one of the organizers of the contest Ronnie lance, sent to the Russian Embassy bouquet of flowers.However, the local press and a number of Swedish politicians condemned the gesture, interpreted it as self-censorship in response to pressure from Russia. Actions of lance distanced himself and his employers, explaining that it brought the Russians apologies are a personal initiative of an employee. "It's important for us to emphasize that we do not see any reason to apologize in response to the reaction from the Russian Embassy," said Director of communications and marketing at Swedish television Helga Baga. Source: the Swedes are not ashamed of their musicians.

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