Anna Semenovich has found a stable personal life

Anna Semenovich has found a stable personal lifeThe most sexy native star showbiz Anna Semenovich is moving away from creative things to do. According to rumors, Anya finally found a stable personal life and really want to try yourself as a wife and mom.It's tempting to say: about time. The girl is under thirty, no kids, no lashes... But surely Anya, like any normal young lady, I want a simple female happiness - a firm male hand and wakana lalki at hand.Many of the environment of the singer noticed that in recent times it is increasingly "Wake up" maternal instincts: S. then moved by loudly catalogs baby clothes, keenly interested in the experiences of their friends who have already become mothers. As a result, in the party talking like a beautiful blonde and she has matured to such an important fate, writes "Express newspaper".In addition, she has a permanent and wealthy admirer, who, as gossip, does not depart from a friend on a step, day or night. The man, apparently serious, since, managing to save all incognito, he managed to tame the freedom-loving star. Still it could not be anyone from former Boyfriends Semenovich, who "went the distance", unable to compete with the army of lovers fans of the former"brilliant".Plays in favor of the rumors and the recent decision of Anna, who suddenly left a very promising project on Muz-TV, which was supposed to work leading to pair with Andrew Razygraeva. Its location immediately took Lera Kudryavtseva. The S. explained her resignation because she allegedly planned for a long period of shooting film. In the producer center "Shiny" know nothing about it. "Not on" and was a former PR Manager Anna from the Agency's "Success". To the question about the film project their trust, she only shrugged.- No global filming she had not been, we would have heard about it. Can ask her personally, but the truth is unlikely to achieve, Semenovich very secretive.Well, colleagues with Anna Muz TV on a secret report that behind the scenes there is talk about the pregnancy of the singer. They say, that in a short time preparing to become a mother, so at the time "scored" on a career. In the proof to lead some signs: the girl in the last month very recovered, was too impressionable, just that, those tears, and all the while committed to her lover, trying not to break up with him for too long. Source: Anna Semenovich has found a stable personal life.

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