In France celebrated the 200th anniversary of `Description of Egypt`

In France celebrated the 200th anniversary of `Description of Egypt`The Paris army Museum together with the national Association of the museums of France holds within its walls an exhibition dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the appearance of one of the most famous and monumental historical and geographical works - "Description of Egypt".On this essay had about 160 employees, from cartographers, geologists and botanists to engineers and architects. Many of them participated in the March of Napoleon's army in Egypt in 1798. It is Bonaparte was the customer "Description", and work on the encyclopedia of ancient and modern Egypt began. In 1809 commenced the publication of a single volume format in-folio, the first edition there were 23 of them, and in the second, completed in 1829-m, volume was 37. Because of the high cost of the "Description" was printed in a limited edition - 1000 copies - and quickly became a bibliographic rarity."Description of Egypt" included 3000 illustrations, including colored watercolors. For the first edition was prepared such a detailed map that Napoleon was not allowed to print it, lest she never took advantage of his opponents. Source: France celebrated the 200th anniversary of the "Description of Egypt"".

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