Shvydkoi left GITIS after the dismissal of the rector

Shvydkoi left GITIS after the dismissal of the rectorThursday, 14 may, the special representative of the President for culture Mikhail Shvydkoi has submitted a letter of resignation from the Russian Academy of theatrical art (RATI, the former GITIS) after a day earlier was dismissed by the rector Marina Khmelnitskaya.This became known to the newspaper "Time of news". Shvydkoi was a Professor of the history of foreign theatre RATI.To perform the duties of the Khmelnytsky was appointed Director Yuri Sherling, a graduate of GITIS. 15 may be held extended meeting of the academic Council of the University, which has the right to approve or not approve a proposed candidate for the position of acting rector. However, according to "Kommersant", now the Council members refused to approve Serlenga and vote on his candidacy will not work.Teachers GITIS wrote a letter to President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, in which he complained that their opinion did not take into account when selecting a candidate for the position of rector. On this edition of Professor noted RATI chief Eugene.According to "Kommersant", among those who signed the petition - Vladimir Andreev, Alexey Bartoshevich, Dmitry Bertman, Sergei Zhenovach, Leonid Heifetz. In an interview with "Gazeta" (GZT.RU) Bertman said that "if things remain unchanged, the proportion of teachers leaving RATI, including himself.However, as told "Kommersant" Director of the Department of education and science of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation Oleg Neretin, Sherling will not nominate his candidacy in the upcoming elections of the rector, and not able to do under the law: in August 2009 the Director reaches the retirement age of 65. Official called Serlenga "interim crisis Manager".According to Neretina, Sherling have to rectify the violations that caused the dismissal of the Khmelnytsky as rector. The official noted that the violations identified in April during a routine investigation, were connected only with the educational activities of the University: "the number of students, the curriculum and the way." Source: Shvydkoi left GITIS after the dismissal of the rector.

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