Anfisa Chekhov admired forms of Dita von Teese

Anfisa Chekhov admired forms of Dita von TeeseLast Friday, the popular domestic fashion designer Masha Tsigal celebrated the 2nd anniversary of his boutique. To celebrate such a significant event in the capital of the fashion industry gathered a lot of stars.Great excitement was aroused by the appearance in the boutique Anfisa Chekhova. Sexy TV presenter is still under the impression of the past in Moscow "Eurovision-2009". Anfisa admitted. which is outraged, as was shown in live performance of her favourite - American stripper Dita von Teese who participated in the room of Germany."I only watched the last day. We have a tradition - we're throwing a party, devoted to the country, which passes the "Eurovision". This time we had a Russian party with pickles, capstock, vodka. And we were sick. I was sick and even SMS sent for the Fisherman, because he has a really gorgeous song, and for Germany because it was my favorite Dita von Teese".TV presenter passionately expressed my Fi fearful the Germans and conservative organizers. "They are completely inept failed the entire room! Dita in the qualifying rounds showed the chest, but before the final of "Eurovision" they were intimidated, said, "we disqualifiziert your country", so the chest was, - with disappointment told Chekhov. But I believe that it is better to show, they are disqualified, such a shame: to bring, to pay for the Dita von Teese and be on the penultimate. This is horrible! She has a gorgeous shape, it all pretty!".The birthday girl Masha Tsigal, as a designer, Anfisa is also very sympathetic. "Maria lives in the small, funny girl. She makes clothes, which takes us back to childhood, and any man, no matter how old he is, wants to go back to their Teddy bears, pink dresses, funny baby things, but only in a larger, adult version, " says TV presenter. - Masha makes pink a childhood dream for adults. It is fundamentally different from all designers".Anfisa in addition Tsigal attract domestic designers Igor Chapurin and Alexander Terekhov. "But I never bought their clothes just because Sasha Terekhova always there for me sizes and Chapurin in the boutique for me too, nothing fitted - complained buxom Chekhov. - Russian women are striking figures, and therefore all quickly sold out, and only girls model layout. Ljubo in the queue to get up, or to forget about these designers". Also among the favorites at Anfisa appear Max Chernetsov and Ksenia Rune."From foreign I adore Diane von Furstenberg, she sews dresses just like me, how my patterns, I buy all she produces, with delight told TV presenter. - And also Moschino, Max Mara is my favourite designers. And many others".Radio presenter and actress Alla Dovlatov, who visited the festival, also made a nod to the Tsigal. "Masha's great working with color, just awesome! For me she is number one. It works great with the material. The fabric is very good, they are comfortable to wear. She paints fabric is also very interesting, gives you the opportunity to be different from other people. And it is always clearly visible. Even if not on the hood stars, still understand that it Tsigal. Therefore, the superiority of the stylist, even if that Masha with anyone is not to be confused, she's an individual, she is bright".Dovlatov preferred brands Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Salvatore Ferragamo, John Galiano, Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel. "And from our Yudashkin, but only after Tsigal" - with a smile said Alla.Radio host buys his clothes abroad. "In General, I recommend to use services of the designer, if a woman can afford it, because when you buy the wrong clothes in stores, and when she stitched specifically for you, you will be the brightest, best look - convinced Dovlatov. - If not, only abroad. It's not the quality, we have the same. But in crisis there is really cheaper.".

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