Saltykov sent his daughter abroad

Saltykov sent his daughter abroadSinger Irina Saltykova admitted that now she is not worried about their careers and about career daughter who decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents.Children "star" parents tend to repeat the success of their moms and dads. Alice, the daughter of the once popular singers Irina Saltykova and Victor Saltykov, preparing for a career in singing.After graduating from art school on the French Riviera, Alice decided not to stop there. She enrolled in the Conservatory at London Department of vocals. "She's got the genes. After years of training she can sing in different genres: country, jazz, rock, ar-al-bi..." - says Irina."I'm sure my daughter will succeed on the English stage. And then in Russian. In that order," says Saltykov, who has said repeatedly in interviews that he doesn't want her daughter became a singer and rotated in circles of show business.Irina admits that she really misses her daughter, who spends most of his time abroad, according to "Express newspaper". "I recently completed a renovation on his own design in his house on the ruble, and Alice still did not see and did not appreciate my mother's work," with sadness she says.In the ' 80s about Irina and Viktor Saltykov said, the perfect couple. Then no one would have thought, looking at the loving starry spouses that in the future they will break up is not intelligent. According to Victor, divorce is not an excuse for throwing mud at each other on the pages of Newspapers and magazines, but the ex-wife repeatedly allowed myself to do that. Source: Saltykov sent his daughter abroad.

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