Between Bilan and the group Roxette scandal

Between Bilan and the group Roxette scandalScandal between the winner of the contest "Eurovision-2008" and the members of the legendary band Roxette broke out in Latvia, where the annual festival "New wave".After his speech in Jurmala and parties in the restaurant, Dima decided to continue the "party" in the room of one of the hotels of Riga, where he stopped for a time in the Baltic States. Coincidentally, it was in this hotel in next door to the singer's room stopped the musicians of the Swedish band Roxette.While Bilan rapidly decided to continue their evening, Roxette already slept literally behind the wall. Dima turned on at full power is one of the music channels, resulting in the Wake of the soloists of the group.Angry neighbors sent my assistant to see what was going on, not knowing that in the next room "hooligans" of their Russian colleague.Assistant to reach Bilan failed, and the musicians decided to call the police. Only half an hour later when the door Bilan already demanding pounded representatives of law enforcement agencies, the singer turned it off, reports the newspaper "Arguments and facts"."Of course, uncomfortable situation, but I got used to the fact that in hotels, if there is a limit on the sound, it's impossible to make louder after a certain time, - said Dima. Initially, I didn't hear what someone rushes in my room. And hearing, thought, well, you never know that someone is at the door and continued to watch the music channel. Then I was told that my room still the dishes were beaten, so they could be heard. Well, this is absolutely nonsense".Annually in Jurmala "New wave" international stars come to my performance to support young performers. This year the headliners of the festival was the Swedish group Roxette. Marie Fredrickson, the soloist of the group, arrived in the Baltic States, despite serious illness, and performed four songs. Source: Between Bilan and the group Roxette scandal.

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