Denise Richards sunbathing Topless

Denise Richards sunbathing Topless Stunning Denise - mom with two young daughters, five-year-old Sam and four-year-old Lola rose. With the girls ' father, actor Charlie sheen and Richards divorced three years ago.The separation of the star couple was quite noisy, Charlie had called Denise "unemployed and untalented pig", and she responded by accusing him of partiality to underage girls.Now Denise Richards 37, although mean she will not give more than 25 years.Looks like former "bond girl" perfectly. Sometimes, though, God knows why and enlists the aid of plastic surgeons. For example, for the first time Denise turned to him in 19 (!) years. She decided to increase the breast size by half."I was 19 years old, and my whole room was hung with posters of women with the best busts in the world. I was flat as a Board. And I thought, because I can just buy them. Silly not to, if possible. And did this".Subsequently Denise again decided on plastic. This time the actress has decided to reduce the chest, reports The Sun.The result is before you... Source: Denise Richards sunbathing Topless (photo).


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