Reveals the secrets of the fourth part of `resident evil`

Reveals the secrets of the fourth part of `resident evil`New information about the plot of the fourth part of the movie "Resident evil" and its filming.So, it was officially announced that the shooting of the fourth "resident evil" will begin in September 2009 in Toronto, and the film will be released next year.In the new film the main character Alice, which again will play Milla Jovovich, will fight with the infected zombies are not the only one: it will help an army of cloned Alice, formed at the end of "resident evil-3".The action will then move to Alaska (Alaska will be shot in Toronto) and in Tokyo.The writer of the fourth part was made by Paul Anderson, the Director's name is not yet known.As previously reported, the fourth "Resident evil" will be called "Resident Evil: Afterlife". Date of the premiere is scheduled for September 17, 2010. Source: secrets Revealed the fourth part of the "resident evil"".

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