The Obama's dog biting the inhabitants of the White house

The Obama's dog biting the inhabitants of the White houseThe world's press, which closely follows obzyvayetsya in the White house family of Barack Obama, yesterday managed to obtain important information about the habits of the dog Bo, appeared at the White house last weekend.According to the first lady, the dog gives her and her family a lot of trouble.On Thursday at the residence of the President of the United States held a special event in which all employees of the White house took on the work of their children. Just the white house that day were about 100 children with them and met the first lady. Most of the questions raised at the meeting concerned, of course, dog Bo, the circumstances of the appearance of which in the family of Obama's press paid a lot of attention.As recognized by Michelle Obama, Bo - crazy dog receiving a special treat from "chewing the feet" of the inhabitants of the White house. In addition, a six-month puppy requires constant attention. According to the first lady on Wednesday evening asleep presidential family was woken up by barking and a loud noise. When they reached the room in which there was scuffling, households found that Bo just decided to play with a ball.The culprit of all this mess, thanks to the media, there is a huge amount of information. The real name of the dog, given to her in the kennel, - a New Hope Amigo. The dog belongs to a rather rare breed Portuguese water dog, named because it was used by Portuguese fishermen to corral fish in the net, send messages from boat to boat, and other tasks. Choice the Obamas fell on this breed because it almost does not fade - the daughters of the President, whom Bo was a gift from the breeder this type of dog Senator Ted Kennedy, has revealed allergies to dog hair.It is worth noting that the attention of the press to Bo's life has been a surge in the popularity of this breed in some countries. Thus, the German Bild reports that Portuguese water dogs in Germany literally tear off with his hands. One breeder told the newspaper that since then, as Bo "reigned" in the house of Obama, he already called "not less than a hundred people". Source: Obama's Dog biting the inhabitants of the White house.

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