Martin Scorsese will be restored classics.

Martin Scorsese will be restored classics.Martin Scorsese is known not only Director, but also a film historian. And he arrived at the Cannes film festival to usher in a new phase of work led them to the nonprofit world cinema Fund: in collaboration with a network of digital cinemas he wants to make the treasures of world cinema available throughout the world.The Fund aims to preserve old films for the history - because, for example, hundreds of pictures of the silent period is already irretrievably lost. Moreover, the Fund returns them to active life, reconstructing digitally, and provides interested organizations with the right display.One of his partners became world-known firm Criterion, replicates the classics on DVD. In particular, she released fantastic quality discs of the films of Eisenstein and Tarkovsky. As Martin Scorsese at a press conference in Cannes, at least a dozen restored and transferred to digital format to classic tapes may be available in high quality to the world via the Internet - for free. The project exists solely through advertising revenue.At the festival, Scorsese shows a whole program restored masterpieces - from the "Incident" Joseph losey, "adventure" Michelangelo Antonioni and "Monsieur Hulot's Holiday" by Jacques Tati to "Red shoes" is a classic of English musical Directors Michael Powell and Emerich of Pressburger that the festival audience Martin Scorsese presented personally. Source: Martin Scorsese will be restored classics..

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