The Director of `the Millionaire from slums` again will take on Mumbai

The Director of `the Millionaire from slums` again will take on MumbaiThe Director of "the Millionaire from slums" Danny Boyle gathers his crew to start work on another film about the financial capital of India Mumbai.In an interview with The Daily Telegraph said the Oscar-winning screenwriter paintings by Simon Bopha.Boyle has already bought the movie rights of the book the Indian Suket mechty "City High: Bombay lost and found". "The decision was taken only a couple of weeks ago, and I'll write the script for Danny," he told reporters screenwriter.In his words, "City High" is not art, but rather, documentary work, so finding it in the story may be problematic. "It's a beautiful book, added by Bopha," I often used to work on the script for "Millionaire". There are many wonderful characters, but there are no stories".It is worth noting that the "City Max", which is a mixture of memoir and travelogue tells the story of Bombay and different life of its inhabitants. In 2005, the product of the Suket Mehta was nominated for a Pulitzer prize. Source: the Film "the Millionaire from slums" again will remove about Mumbai.

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