Keira Knightley brought Colin Farrel from depression

Keira Knightley brought Colin Farrel from depressionKeira Knightley, which will play together with Colin Farrell in the movie "London Boulevard" (London Boulevard), which will begin shooting next month, helped him when he started having problems with his girlfriend.32-year-old Colin recently broke up with writer Emma Forrest, which met for over a year, and this gap has led him into a confused state. The actor found solace in Kira, with whom he talked about the upcoming work. She mentally encouraged him, and, as claimed, it helped Kira to better understand Colin as a person that will be important to work on the film.23-year-old star of "Pirates of the Caribbean" aims to quickly pull in "London Boulevard", because a lot was preparing for his role. At the same time, she feels lonely because her boyfriend Rupert Friend is now busy with the promotion of his film Young Victoria, Yoni rarely see. Source: keira Knightley brought Colin Farrel from depression.

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