Patrick Swayze decided to prove that he's still alive

Patrick Swayze decided to prove that he's still alivePatrick Swayze decided once again to prove that he, first, alive, and secondly, not going to give up.In order to finally refute rumours of his death, Patrick and his wife Lisa Niemi have circulated in the media photo sharing wife insist that one photo is worth more than all the words. It is Patrick and Lisa are sitting surrounded by beloved dogs Lucas, Kumasi and Rodesian on his ranch in new Mexico.We also learned that Patrick is writing a memoir - and they should get out this fall. Helps the actor, again, my wife Lisa. In the book Patrick will talk about his childhood, career, marriage and the struggle with cancer."I told the publisher that my life story can serve as inspiration for other people," explains Patrick in an official statement. - I will write from my heart and everything that I have experienced. And if in addition to pleasure from the process I will do it again and give inspiration to people, or help them find a reason to live or a new love - it will be fine." Source: Patrick Swayze decided to prove that he's still alive.

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