To survive the crisis, the Russians will help Kashpirovsky

To survive the crisis, the Russians will help KashpirovskyWhile the Central TV channels of the country close one show after another, NTV has prepared its viewers a sensational novelty.As it became known on Wednesday, in the near future in broadcasting of the Russian channel will exit the program (and will be published regularly), which is leading the legendary Anatoly Kashpirovsky. Ostankino regulars now call it the return of the historical.Ideologists of the project claim that the "new" Anatoly Mikhailovich water will mesmerize and energize. This will be the show of a different kind. The Studio will come the brightest representatives of show business and pour out his heart. The creators of the new show make the emphasis on psychotherapeutic talent 69-year-old hypnotist (1962 Deepak graduated from Vinnitsa medical Institute, and after 25 years working as a psychotherapist in a psychiatric hospital).Trust innermost secrets to the physician of souls with a scandalous reputation already decided Lolita and Mikhail Porechenkov shooting involving these stars have already been held at the end of last week, according members of the top television connect the return Kashpirovsky on the screen with the global financial crisis. It seems that the niche of "man out of the box", which will want to trust the people, finally busy.The population of the former USSR have something to remember about the legendary magician. In 1989, he held several sessions of hypnosis at the then Soviet television. During the teleconference Anatoly Mikhailovich did anesthesia two patients who underwent surgery of the abdomen. The first session was held on 9 October 1989 at Central television - both patients subsequently died from cancer.In 1993 elected Deputy of the State Duma of Russia. In 1995 he moved to the United States. Source: to Survive the crisis, the Russians will help Kashpirovsky.

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